Better Together – INVICTADesk and HCL BigFix


Is it time for your ITSM tooling to help not hinder your service desk agents? HCL’s BigFix and INVICTADesk offer your organization a fully-integrated “better, faster, and cheaper” IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) solution. This includes a quicker time-to-value from a combined endpoint management (EPM) and service desk solution that provides a range of tools to elevate your IT and broader business service delivery and support capabilities.

Does your business think IT support is just too slow? HCL’s BigFix and INVICTADesk working together means faster incident resolution and service request provision that improve both employee productivity and business outcomes.


Better service delivery and support
  • Provide much-needed digital transformation to IT and other business functions
  • Empower your staff to do more with in-ticket automation and remote control capabilities
  • ITSM works better with ITAM and detailed device data
  • Protect and secure your organization with automated patch management
  • No more need for “swivel chair” IT support practices


Faster incident resolution and service request provision
  • Allow people to achieve more with in-ticket automation and self-service automation
  • Understand more about incidents and requests with detailed infrastructure insights
  • Remotely distribute software “in-ticket”
  • Get greater insight into issues to facilitate data-driven management and improvement
  • Empower support staff to deliver speedier solutions and better end-user experiences


Cheaper service and support operations
  • Get greater value from your ITSM tooling investments
  • Only pay for the IT support capabilities you need
  • Improve operational efficiency and the associated business outcomes
  • Benefit from lower-cost implementation and solution management
  • Scale up support without the expense of more staff (it is automated)


Quicker time-to-value
  • Provide the modern digital workflow enablement your business demands
  • Quick implementation means a faster time-to-value
  • Easily change and improve service and support capabilities
  • There’s less training required but better support-staff experiences
  • Prevent staff shortages adversely affecting business value and support experiences

Learn more about HCL BigFix and INVICTADesk working together to improve end-to-end service delivery and support.