Monitor the availability and performance of your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure and keep your team informed via your medium of choice.

  • 50 Global PoPs
  • Behind the Firewall
  • Agent/Agentless
  • Uptime and Performance
  • Voice, Email, SMS
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Alert Timelines
  • On-call Schedules
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Public Status Pages
  • Data Exports
  • Ad-hoc/Scheduled Reports


  • Availability checks from our 50+ monitoring probes around the globe
  • High frequency checks running every 60 seconds with no false positives
  • Check for uptime and slow performance #slowisthenewdown
  • Capture root cause and other diagnostic details with failure events
  • Get visibility on both the network layer and the application layer with a wide array of check types, including synthetic service checks
  • Monitor virtually any type of service, from websites to API’s, DNS and other network based services
  • Full support for all modern protocols and schemes ,including:SSL, TLS, SNI, IPv6 and AnyCast
  • Monitor Linux, Unix, and Windows servers using our lightweight server agent which installs using native OS installers
  • Collect core system metrics like CPU, memory, disk, networkI/O, and processes
  • Capture key performance metrics for common applications, like web servers, application servers, data stores, etc
  • Extensible framework for adding custom plugins or tapping into any of the available perfmon counters (Windows)
  • Conogurable thresholds with variable severities and alert timelines
  • Monitor servers and devices located in your on-prem private network or VPC
  • Deploy Invicta Networks OnSight as a virtual software appliance supported on all major hypervisor platforms(VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, AWSAMI)
  • Automate discovery and onboarding of servers/devices on your private network
  • All communication occurs on an outbound encrypted channel. No in bound connectivity required
  • Run the On Sight virtual collect or in high availability cluster mode for load balancing and in case of failover event
  • Consolidate your internal and external infrastructure monitoring into one platform for a unified view