for Microsoft SCCM

INVICTADesk™ for SCCM, is fully preconfigured with integration into SCCM and facilitates inspection of asset inventory management, automated software deployment and remote control of machines all from within an open incident in INVICTADesk™ without the need to open the SCCM console.

Complete with all the rich features of INVICTADesk™.

By combining the best of breed of INVICTADesk™ with SCCM, we are able to provide the following key features from within an open incident:

  • Dynamic hardware and software device Inventory
  • Directly remote control device
  • Schedule a software deployment job including choose method of deployment
  • Automatically update incident with software deployment status including job complete
  • Automatically notify user of job complete status
  • Uninstall/remove software with automatic incident updates
  • Full audit trail
  • Role based and group level access control
  • Dynamic interface with smart phone, PAD and computer screen support
  • Log/open an INVICTADesk incident from within SCCM console