The self service password reset removes the burden of password reset requests through the support desk, by empowering end users to reset their own quickly and securely.

Secure Self-Service

INVICTAPass™ Password Reset is a self-service secure password reset tool that empowers end users to control and reset personal passwords without calling the help desk, thus benefiting all areas of the organisation.

Furthermore with the integration into INVICTADesk™ all password reset requests can be fully audited as an automated open and closed incident tracked against the individual request providing an All-in-One solution.

Personalized Self-Service

End users can reset personal passwords by correctly answering a series of personalized challenge and response questions. Remote employees with access to a web browser can reset forgotten passwords without outside assistance. The entire process is quick, simple, secure and easy to use.

The payback benefit in releasing technical support staff from password resets is quite substantial and thus delivers a very quick return on investment.


Secure Self-Service
Several Reports
AD Integration
Automated prompts to Register