Technology Partners

We work closely with industry leading solutions providers to create certified technology integrations that are best of breed, end-to-end IT Service Management solutions.

Our close working relationships with developers and product managers help achieve the highest levels of integration, ongoing product enhancements, and seamless support for our end users.

Channel Partners

If you’re interested in joining the INVICTA Channel Partner Program to provide your customers with cost effective, easy-to-use and install, service management solutions, we’d love to hear from you. INVICTA has a totally channel driven business model and we are currently accepting new channel partners into our program from around the world.

As well as great commercial incentives, our channel program ensures you’re the first to hear about our latest innovations and product development initiatives. It also provides exclusive access to our lead generation, deal registration, referral registration and pipeline management programs. Our sales and technology team are on-hand to provide support and training. You’re also give access to our marketing team for assistance with demand generation activities.