INVICTADesk helps West London High School up its Customer Satisfaction Rate by 80%

There is a quiet, digital revolution playing out across education in the world, and the West London High School is no exception to the trend. INVICTADesk helped the school better its IT infrastructure, streamline processes, improve overall productivity, and service their 1000+ students and staff.

Goals and Challenges

West London High School required a strong system that would be capable of managing its IT infrastructure efficiently, and with ease. With a complete dependency on e-mails to manage tickets, it was cumbersome for the management to operate efficiently.

There was a lack of proper structure in processes, delay in managing tickets, ensuring follow-ups, unavailability of methods to measure productivity and performance, and most importantly, no means to understand the problems of the end user.

While the management was aware of the importance of having a system in place, the biggest hurdle towards achieving this goal was lack of budget and time to get their manpower trained and certified on a free IT management service (ITSM) software, which was already at their disposal.

West London High School needed a cost-efficient and simple system that could be implemented at the earliest, without the need to train the IT team, and streamline processes efficiently to improve customer satisfaction.


Based on the requirements of West London High School, INVICTADesk became the top choice when weighed against various help desk service providers. This was because of two primary reasons:

  • Cost efficiency, and
  • Simplicity

and the cherry on the cake that installation and configuration required just a day.

The Execution

The concept of managing a help desk without any prior assistance seemed to be an exciting and value-adding proposition for the whole team at West London High School. INVICTADesk took an hour to get the whole IT team online, without any complicated training or certification, fulfilling on the promise of being an ideal solution for the school’s requirements.

It was very intuitive. The IT support team started using it immediately with very little training. Feedback from staff has been very positive! And we are very happy with the fantastic technical support from Invicta. – Panesar, IT Manager – West London High School

Success Story

Since the implementation of INVICTADesk at West London High School, there has been a considerable decrease in manual work. Processes are more streamlined and the IT Team has stood out to be a valuable addition to the whole process. INVICTADesk played a definite role in placing a management reporting system to assess the IT team’s performance and changing the overall perspective of the IT department. Additionally, the ticket management time improved by 98% and the end-user customer satisfaction shot up by 80%. With the induction of INVICTADesk, the overall performance and productivity of the school increased manifolds.