Orchard House Nursing Home selects INVICTADesk for its Facilities Management

Healthcare providers and urgent care centres function round the clock, and it becomes of utmost importance that nothing should impede their ability to provide wholesome patient care.

INVICTADesk helped the Orchard House Nursing Home, a privately run nursing home in West Midlands, United Kingdom, overcome a plethora of everyday challenges. While effectively managing their building assets, INVICTADesk ensured complete control of breakdown maintenances inside the campus.

Goals & Challenges

With a manual system of keeping a record of infrastructural issues, it was resulting in major delays for the nursing home in providing services to 31 residents with varying nursing needs. A lack of proper structure in processes, unavailability of a system to measure effectiveness and reliability of services, negatively affected organizational efficiency. With no Facilities Management in place, the workplace operations became difficult to manage.

With lack of comprehensive information, the current system lacked the capability of making smart decisions. The staff wasn’t tech-savvy either. A lack of budget and time to get their manpower trained and certified for Facilities Management also added to the existing operational inefficiencies.

Orchard House Nursing Home needed a cost-efficient and simple system that could be implemented at the earliest to streamline processes efficiently, without the need to train the facility team.


After having considered various requirements and assessing the challenges, the Orchard House Nursing Home chose INVICTADesk for Facilities Management. The decision was primarily based on INVICTADesk’s ability to easily install and configure the system in no-time. Moreover, an intuitive and easy-to-use interface also ensured that the staff required no prior training or certification.

The Execution

With a burgeoning number of fly-by-night facilities management providers, INVICTADesk helped the nursing home achieve its goal by providing clear and crucial information on time, without hassles or the need for extensive staff-training, thus saving resources.

On the ground level, with access to INVICTADesk’s facilities management system allowed Orchard Nursing Home staff to enter the details of maintenance requests with ease which got further processed by the facilities team, prioritising and assigning them basis the need and urgency.

Depending on the task, each maintenance request logged was then measured against the allotted rectification time, and this aided Orchard Nursing Home in keeping a check on its operational efficiency.

Success Story

The implementation of INVICTADesk, Orchard House Nursing Home saw a considerable decrease in manual work, thus ensuring efficient working. All processes became more streamlined and decisions were being made based on real-time information.